Friday, August 27, 2010

I Know What You Are Thinking.

I'm crazy, right? Those of you who know me probably also know I'm not the biggest animal lover out there. I always left that to my sister and other people much more patient than me. So why did I adopt this cute four-legged friend? How did he find his way into our home and hearts? WHY???

See that grin on Andrew's face? That's why!

And lots of giggly moments like this. Yep, that's why!

A few quiet, restful moments llike this one too.

And throw in many last minute "We have to check on Charlie before we leave him!!" moments as well. All of this adds up to one very loved puppy. We are glad we have you in our lives Charlie-boy.

We Are Alive and Online.

Boy do I have a LOT of posting to do to catch up. We moved three weeks ago tomorrow and are just getting our internet connection up and running. I'll try to spend some time this coming week posting pictures from the last whirlwind of a month. It's good to be back!