Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Team

We have enjoyed our first month of swim team. The practices are hot, but not too long. Meg and I read on deck and sit in the shade as much as possible. The meets are long, but lots of fun. Jason has started timing the races this year, and I think he enjoys the meets much more that way. I have had to pass on stroke judging this season with Nathan by my side. 

 Andrew has found some success in the pool and I am so glad for that. His strokes are improving and he seems to be enjoying it.
Tanner is also having another good season. He loves finding lots of blue in his ribbon folder after a meet.  We started signing up for more invitational meets this year, so he is getting some trophies and medals too.

Big Guy!

Look who graduated to the big tub! Nathan loves his bath time and now it is even more fun sitting up in his own tub. It is also more fun to have a sibling to splash with, because heaven knows this boy is the center of our world these days. If he is in the tub, someone else has to be as well. (That makes taking decent pictures a huge challenge by the way.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Under the Big Top

Every summer, my mother-in-law invites the grand kids, nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews to her house for a camp day. Every year there is a different theme and activities based around it. 

 This year her theme was the circus and we had a great time.
 The basement was decorated to resemble a circus tent. We had a short lesson about the history of the circus in America and then the fun began. Complete with...
 A visit from Nana Clown,
 a ride in her clown mobile,
 outdoor games,
 fun shirts,
 clown noses,
 some really cute acrobats and strong men,

 a talent show with a singing monkey and his trainer,
 a beautiful tight-rope walker,
a lots of chances for these cousins to just be together. Thank you for another great camp Nana (and Aunt Brooke)!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting to Know You

Nathan has started really noticing his cousin Bellah lately. Seeing them together like this brings back so many memories of Tanner and Shannon as babes. And while we probably won't be able to run to get a photo of them at JCPenny's every single time they sneeze (like we did years ago), I am excited for them to have each other.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 months!

Oh, Mr. Nathan. Please forgive me for not taking you to have your picture done every month at a studio. Please know that instead you were having fun with me at swim practice, the park, libraries, berry patches, and our own backyard. I have never known a happier little guy than you. I have never known a more adored boy either. Our whole family is so grateful to have you in our lives. That is why so many of our evening end up like this....
 and this
 and this.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Burke Family Photos

Last Sunday, we gathered up the troops for a family picture of the entire Burke Bunch. We got a few good shots with everyone in them. That is no small feat, as you can imagine. But we had a great, breezy afternoon and a gorgeous spot by the lake to work with. The picture below is of Nana and Poppa with the grand kids.  I love that try as we might for the perfect shot, this is what we got.
 Notice the little girls holding hands (posed). The boys holding hands however were not posed. That is just how they are attached. ALL the time. Poor Tatum crying (too many people). Cute Bellah wondering what he was so upset about.Tanner trying to be strong and hold cousin Megan high enough.  And then there is Nathan. True to himself- just chillin'! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Jason. You are such a wonderful husband and father. I am so grateful to have you and share this life with you.

A few things I love about you:

You work hard to support our family.

You support me staying home with our children.

You love to cook for us on the weekends.

You are a great soccer coach for our boys.

You play dolls with Margaret.

You know how to put a baby to sleep at church like nobody's business.

You love taking family trips that turn out to be adventures.

You'd rather find starfish on an Oregon beach than wait in line for hours at a theme park.

You make that best voices for characters in read aloud books.

You can memorize lyrics and movie lines instantly, and then repeat them years later.

You have a sense of humor (to put it lightly:)

You serve the youth of our church tirelessly.

You love the temple.

You are dedicated and loyal to our faith, your family, your career.

You help me . When I am over-obligated to help with projects, you come to the rescue.

I am so blessed that you are the father of our four sweet kiddos. Thanks for being the completely dedicated father that we need in our family.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nathan's Blessing

Yesterday Nathan received his baby blessing at church. It was a sweet prayer which Jason gave. Now Nathan is officially on the roles of our church. The prayer also included many special blessings for Nathan and his life. A sweet friend and I both took notes to record the moment.

I should have taken more pictures of this special day for Nathan. We were so lucky to have so much family near enough to us that we had 8 priesthood holders in our family that were able to participate. We really appreciate the effort they all made to be there.

With Poppa and Nana at church.

With Grandad and Grandma at our house after church.

With David and his family.
 (Notice none of these pics has Nathan in his sweet white blessing outfit. He didn't make it five minutes after his blessing without needing a diaper change, which included an outfit change. What is it about white clothes and babies?)

Tan's Lego Creations

I love the time summer affords for my kids to get bored, and then think up their own entertainment. (Of course, they can always ask me for ideas too. I have lots of them. Make your bed. Pick up your laundry. Put away the dishes...)
Tanner still loves to dream up new lego creations. He likes to buy new kits and put them together, but he really excels at making his own designs out of our huge and ever growing collection of random pieces.

Look at the detail. That man is filling the plane's gas tanks. Nice touch Tan.

Gosh, I don't want my kids to grow up right now. Can't they just stay? Tanner is such a good big brother. He plays with Andrew and Margaret. He adores Nathan. Please stay 10 forever!