Friday, June 28, 2013

For sale:

Margaret is busy crafting away this summer. She just mastered the classic  weaving loom and is making some fine looking pot holders. She is taking color requests and will part ways with them for 100 cents each (because they are really special).
I am loving this relatively unmessy craft. Margaret works while I cook and there is no spilt paint to clean up!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blueberry Hill 2013

Our summer isn't complete without at least one hot day of berry picking at Blueberry Hill. We had really decent weather this morning- hot and sunny for sure, but a breeze made it bearable. The kids and I picked a nice flat of blueberries and 4 pints of raspberries all while Nathan sat pretty happily nearby. He sampled more berries than I care to think of and was thrilled to play with everyone's water bottles. Thank goodness he was up for it all. Last year he sat in his seat and complained a lot so I don't think we even got a bucket of blueberries. In comparison, today was a breeze.
It was made even better because we met Grandma and were able to pick together.  That is always more fun.

It was also great to have this as our snack when we got home. What a great morning! Thanks Gma!