Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

Happy second birthday to our favorite toddler, Nathan!! We love you so much and are very thankful to have your energetic, happy, determined spirit in our family.
 On Nathan's big day, we had our playgroup friends come over to celebrate. Nathan shared the party with his buddy Jade, who was born just four days before Nate.
 We had a Disney themed play group. The kids chose hats for a photo- op.

They played up a storm in the living room.

 Jade and Nathan with their cupcakes.

Playing hoops in the basement.

Nathan's kind friends brought little gifts. I am not sure if he understood that they were for him, but he sure had fun opening them (and showed them off to the family later).

That night we celebrated with ice cream cones and a few family gifts. 

Margaret loved the Disney photo hats way more than the toddlers had earlier that day.  Nathan had a sweet visit from Grandma and Grandad on Friday. I of course forgot to get a picture of them together, probably because Nathan kept Grandma busy playing outside.

We had Sunday dinner at our house and celebrated a little more. All of my boys get a train cake when they turn two, so we kept up with tradition!

 Nathan quickly realized this bike was for him. He has been riding it around the house for weeks.

With Nana and Poppa Burke.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

14 years

14 wonderful years with a witty, smart, selfless, forgiving, hard-working, dedicated man. 
I am so blessed!