Monday, October 13, 2014


 Thanks to our Funk cousins, we have some fowl guests for the winter.  We  are trying to  keep Buttercup and Fudge from the chopping block :)
 Nathan is a big fan of the "Bok- boks." He loves to put on his boots and go check on them every morning.
 I agree with Nathan that these are special pets.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Nick Names

Jason comes from a long line of nick names. It is definitely a tradition in his family. His Pop never even called him by his given name, instead he was "Jake." When I asked why, no one was quite sure. But I think that is the way it is with a lot of nick names. They just stick.
So this is my effort to record all (or a least most) of the nick names that we have gone through over the years.
Tanner- T (yelled out at every sporting event he has ever participated in),Tan the Man, T Bird, T Burger, T-T (used by little cousins on both sides of the fam), Tan Tan, Super Tan.

Andrew- Buddy-Buddy, Bucky, Buck, Doe (given by Nathan), Mister.

Margaret- Meg, Meggie, Pickles, Pix, Ba (given by Nathan), Pickle Juice

Nathan- Nate, Natia, Natey, CB (Crazy Baby), BB (Baby Brother), Nick.

We are really not sure what our new little guy will be named, but I am positive we will find a way to come up with some creative monikers for him too.

Friday, October 3, 2014

September at Home

September was a huge month of transition for Nathan and I. We settled into our fall schedule with the big kids back in school full time. but it was not easy. Nathan was completely out of sorts for the first few weeks. He really missed his siblings.
I was able to finally focus on the family photo project that I started last spring. Our dining room table was completely covered with McMullin family photos all summer. But September brought the project to a close and I was so grateful for the chance I had to organize thousands of family photos. I felt closer to my family and more grateful for my childhood every time I worked on the albums.

Nathan has been taking his sweet time deciding to use the toilet. Here he is dancing to celebrate a recent success.

Thomas the train is back in business at our house. We moved the table into the living room.

Nathan spends part of his mornings with his trains (aka do-ones).