Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Andrew!

We were able to celebrate Andrew's 8th birthday with our cousins
 in Cape on the day after Thanksgiving.

The we celebrated at home with the Burke family.
Andrew requested this snake cake. He drew up the 
plans and picked out the colors.

With the Burke cousins.

We are so proud of the great young man Andrew is becoming.

This was before school on Andrew's actual day.
He was excited to be 8!

Opening gifts.

Doughnuts for the class.

Andrew has matured so much this past year and as he turns eight and gets ready to make more grown-up choices, our family is so pleased with him and his behavior and attitudes.  Eight things we love about Andrew right now:
1. Andrew is a great brother. He spends quality time with each of his siblings. From soccer with Tanner and animals with Margaret to making Nathan chuckle he is sensitive to the needs of others.

2. He is growing up big time. He is becoming more responsible and mature. Jason and I are so happy to see these changes.

3. Andrew is smart and a good student.  He can do anything he puts effort into.

4.  Andrew has a great memory. He especially loves facts about animals.  He also loves to read and I love to see him curled up with a book, which happens more and more often these days.

5.  Andrew is FAST.  He loves to run. He loves to be fast.

6.  Andrew is kind to others. He has a kind heart.

7. Andrew has a great smile. He has a great sense of humor to go with that smile. He has his own style of wit and make us smile and laugh.

8.  Andrew is ready to be baptized.  He knows what is right and tries to live by the truth.