Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 2014

Lots of dance parties in the living room this month- anyone on planet Earth could guess that our soundtrack of choice has been FROZEN.

Tanner wanted to try running track this Spring and has had a lot of freezing cold meets as we have endured a longer than usual winter. He keeps dropping his times and will compete at Regional tomorrow.

Nathan and I have been having a lot of fun with craft projects. Here he is discovering glitter paint. Margaret was jealous when she got home from school.

He also discovered the joy of a simple balloon. When that got boring we found out how to make it hover in his room by using the box fan.

This kept us busy for a while :)

Nathan practiced threading pipe cleaners through a colander,

and then decided it made a pretty cool hat.

More practice with hand control- this time cheerios and toothpicks stuck in play-doh. This craft doubled as snack :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

An attempt...

I have obviously not been very good at keeping this blog up to date, and I know there is no possible way for me to go back and post on everything I have missed. I am going to attempt to record the highlights though. So bear with me while I publish a few photo overloads.

Early Spring 2014:
 Nathan has a real sense of humor, which is a good thing considering his family. Andrew in particular can tickle Nathan like no other.

 Playing dead is a stand-by tactic for getting Nathan to chuckle.

 Anytime we get a new bike, it seems to be assumed that it is allowed in the house.  This spring we ended up with two pf them and my walls may never look the same. Those bikes did create hours of happiness though.
 Zooming through the kitchen.
 Margaret has assumed the role of chief holiday decorator. She takes it seriously!
 Here we go again? Why not? Let me introduce Harry, aka Hairy.
 Nathan takes dog food scooping very seriously. He also likes dog chasing, hair pulling and general terrorizing.
 What is Spring without a few showers?
 Every night Nathan clears his plate and then squeezes his way onto the boys' bench to see what he can steal from them. This isn't always appreciated, but those big brothers are sure patient!
Nathan loves to "wash" dishes and play in the water.  He sometimes feels the need to wash the cabinets, floor and himself at the same time

Egg Olympics

This year we spent Easter with the Burke family after church. We had a nice meal and then headed outside to enjoy the beautiful Spring day together.
 Nana always plans fun for the grand kids and this year was was no exception.
 There were egg hunts for the younger kids.
 Nathan finally figured out that there was candy inside the eggs, so his motivation to collect them really picked up.
 He honestly had more fun playing with chalk and swinging in the shade though.

 The older kids had a scavenger egg hunt with clues to solve. Here is the boys' team.

Our lovely team of girls!

 The most anticipated game was the egg drop. Everyone selects an unboiled egg and drops it down the chute to hit an opponent's egg. Andrew was one of the first to go.
 Margaret's egg made it through a few rounds before it split.
 Tanner listening to advice from uncles before he dropped his egg.
It was quite a production and a total hit. What a fun afternoon.

Easter 2014

 We had a nice quiet Easter morning at home this year. The Bunny came and did his thing.
 Everyone had to dig through their baskets to discover their treats. And by everyone, I mean everyone, including a dog this year.
 Andrew documented the excitement from the time he woke up, until the kids were allowed to get their baskets, on his ipod. I need to watch that footage!
 Nathan had no idea why there was a basket of candy on the table instead of food, but he didn't complain!
Getting the hang of it!

 Andrew even got a note from the Ester Bunny himself.
 At our house the Bunny hides the eggs we dye and leave out for him.  Now that the boys are getting taller, he has to hop pretty high to find good hiding places.
 Tanner was so nice as he helped Nathan figure this Easter thing out.
 Margaret, ready for church and looking lovely on Easter Morning.
 Tanner B- looking dashing.
 Posing is a talent and this girl has it!
 Andrew ready to go.
 Nathan doesn't have Margaret's talent for posing, or standing still for more than one second. But he is still cute!

We had a wonderful Easter and are most importantly grateful to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are grateful that because of him we can repent and have hope of being together forever.