Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

 We had a nice quiet Easter morning at home this year. The Bunny came and did his thing.
 Everyone had to dig through their baskets to discover their treats. And by everyone, I mean everyone, including a dog this year.
 Andrew documented the excitement from the time he woke up, until the kids were allowed to get their baskets, on his ipod. I need to watch that footage!
 Nathan had no idea why there was a basket of candy on the table instead of food, but he didn't complain!
Getting the hang of it!

 Andrew even got a note from the Ester Bunny himself.
 At our house the Bunny hides the eggs we dye and leave out for him.  Now that the boys are getting taller, he has to hop pretty high to find good hiding places.
 Tanner was so nice as he helped Nathan figure this Easter thing out.
 Margaret, ready for church and looking lovely on Easter Morning.
 Tanner B- looking dashing.
 Posing is a talent and this girl has it!
 Andrew ready to go.
 Nathan doesn't have Margaret's talent for posing, or standing still for more than one second. But he is still cute!

We had a wonderful Easter and are most importantly grateful to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are grateful that because of him we can repent and have hope of being together forever.

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