Friday, April 25, 2014

An attempt...

I have obviously not been very good at keeping this blog up to date, and I know there is no possible way for me to go back and post on everything I have missed. I am going to attempt to record the highlights though. So bear with me while I publish a few photo overloads.

Early Spring 2014:
 Nathan has a real sense of humor, which is a good thing considering his family. Andrew in particular can tickle Nathan like no other.

 Playing dead is a stand-by tactic for getting Nathan to chuckle.

 Anytime we get a new bike, it seems to be assumed that it is allowed in the house.  This spring we ended up with two pf them and my walls may never look the same. Those bikes did create hours of happiness though.
 Zooming through the kitchen.
 Margaret has assumed the role of chief holiday decorator. She takes it seriously!
 Here we go again? Why not? Let me introduce Harry, aka Hairy.
 Nathan takes dog food scooping very seriously. He also likes dog chasing, hair pulling and general terrorizing.
 What is Spring without a few showers?
 Every night Nathan clears his plate and then squeezes his way onto the boys' bench to see what he can steal from them. This isn't always appreciated, but those big brothers are sure patient!
Nathan loves to "wash" dishes and play in the water.  He sometimes feels the need to wash the cabinets, floor and himself at the same time

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