Saturday, February 27, 2010

Island or Pennisula

Despite its popularity, we decided against stainless steel appliances. We've had them and used them, but for the price and maintenance involved, an upgraded black fit the bill for our family. So I happened upon this look by Kraftmaid. I like the wood against the black. I had even decided on doing our island in black. Do you like this as much as me?

But now I am back to the drawing board. (Just like me to change my mind.) While being extremely useful, would a 4x5 island also be something we'd tire of walking around. Would a pennisula make our room more spacious? I need opinions. Island or pennisula?

Pages from my Ideabook: Boys' Room.

So this is the standard look for the room that T and A have/do/will share. They love sharing a room (most days) and I have no plans on splitting them up. This look is from Pottery Barn, but is very similar to what we already have. Years ago I purchased plaid twin bedspreads on clearance (at what was then Famous Barr, now Macy's) and we have loved them ever since.

But I think I am willing to do more color on the walls than in the above photo. I may not be Randy Pausch's mother (of The Last Lecture). But I want the boys to feel like they have input on their living space. So I am thinking blue. Like below. I also love this look, from Pottery Barn, because of it's celestial theme. If you know my boys, you know they love all things space. Aren't those hanging planets awesome. Only drawback is I'm not sure A could sleep under Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. He'd be too excited.

Any success stories with colored walls in children's rooms?


I am so proud of the progress we made this week (okay, so WE didn't really do anything, but my compliments to the concrete workers). We have a basement floor. I believe we may finally be out of the stand still that this winter was, and I could not be happier. Because of the freezing weather, the concrete floor had to have blankets on it all week, so it could cure properly. But come Monday that long awaited floor will be complete.

Welcome to my new favorite people, our construction crew. Come on in, make yourselves comfortable. Then please Get To Work.

Also noteworthy, all of our doorknobs and plumbing fixtures have been researched, price-compared, and purchased. This was not essential to our progression on the house. It was essential to my sanity. Keep moving forward.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Homes that Inspire Us.

I grew up in a family that loved to stalk new homes. Seriously, I can't begin to remember how many nearly completed homes I've walked through. And the more we liked a newbe home, the more we visited. As a result of our uninvited walk throughs, my sibs and I became fairly accurate judges of home layouts. Even in our teens,with nothing more than a stud wall, we could predict, admire, and critique the layout of a to-be home's living space.

As an adult, my husband and I are more accurately described as drive-by stalkers. And this is a home I've admired for years. Can you just imagine the moments that have passed on that lovely porch. I love it. And drool a little when I pass through Red Bud, Il.

The Homes that Inspire Us- II

These two homes are closer to what our home will actually be shaped like, since we are building a one level with a finished (someday) basement. The above home is lovely, but a little too monochromatic for us. We will have a similar dormer, centered above the entrance.

This home sits in the middle of (literally) some of the most lovely orchards. If you are in Southern Illinois, you may have noticed it just off of Route 127 south. This picture, like so many of mine lately, was a quick snap taken roadside. So it doesn't give the wooden front entrance justice. But we love the wooden posts and door.

As we wait for all of that snow to melt (we are being very patient...) I am downloading photos for my all important "idea notebook." These are of a darling little girl's room that Design Mom posted. I already have a good start on the furniture and color scheme. I just love that this room is crisp, clean and vintage inspired. Those three don't always coexist. What do you think of this?
Good enough for Miss M?

I thought long and hard about purchasing a little chandelier for Miss M's nursery, but never did. Now I am rethinking it. Nothing too over the top. Even the one shown above might be a little much for me. Does anyone know of a good source?

Our New Home...Someday

I am going to attempt to record our building process on this blog. (No promises about regular posts though.) After a longer than expected search for the right building site, we purchased 1.25 acres mid-fall 2009.

Our basement was dug in December. Our basement walls were poured in January, and as of today we are hoping the snow will melt. Like so much of the country, we've had snow this year. And since we are building in Southern Illinois, we could get more for the next month or so. Then someday we WILL have a floor poured.