Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As we wait for all of that snow to melt (we are being very patient...) I am downloading photos for my all important "idea notebook." These are of a darling little girl's room that Design Mom posted. I already have a good start on the furniture and color scheme. I just love that this room is crisp, clean and vintage inspired. Those three don't always coexist. What do you think of this?
Good enough for Miss M?

I thought long and hard about purchasing a little chandelier for Miss M's nursery, but never did. Now I am rethinking it. Nothing too over the top. Even the one shown above might be a little much for me. Does anyone know of a good source?


Amy said...

I LOVE that chandelier! Precious! And, super cute room that can actually grow with her (some themes don't do that well). You may talk to Krystal Downs about where to get a chandelier. She got a darling one for Addison that she fully intends on Addison taking with her throughout her life. I was surprised at how it really pulled her whole room together. Loved it!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It would be great to talk to Krystal again anyway!

Sarah said...

See those knobs on the drawers. I found some pink glass ones at Anthropologie. They were on sale-SCORE! Still thinking about the chandelier though.

Case said...

Miah's sister is an interior designer and she always puts in little chandeliers like that really looks nice!!

and i would be honored for you to use my poem someday :) in fact i can start making suggestions that you be called as yw president right away!! i'll call your bishop tomorrow:) ahahahahahahahahaha