Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coming Soon...

We are hoping that pretty soon we can safely have visitors over to our completed home. That will of course require that our stair railing be installed, so I can stop worrying about one of the kids taking a short-cut to the basement. But I know that its coming and soon we'll be in.
Since I last posted (like a year ago, sorry) so much has happened. Here are the pics. We'll keep you posted, but the move is planned for August 7th. (This time I didn't pencil it in on the calendar, I used RED SHARPIE!!)

The tile went in without a hitch. Probably becasue of those super-clean sub-floors:)

Margaret liked the wide-open dancing space.

These are the newell-posts for the stairs. I am assuming they have to be cut down to size.

Most of our lighting fixtures are from the same design family. I really like them and Jason is warming up to them.

But he can't complain, because he did get his beams in the living room. I like them a lot too.

Tile surround in the master bath.

And most importantly- KITCHEN cabinets. FINALLY!! When I saw these I realized that we really are almost done. Big epiphany and huge relief.

One of my new favorite spots is this wall of cabinets. I'm calling it command central and its MY ZONE. Can't wait to get it all organized.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Get this Show on the Road!

There are a lot of signs that our house is nearing completion these days. For instance, we have doors

(some are even hung!),

the whirlpool tub is no longer in the middle of my bathroom floor,

and there is finally stone on our fireplace surround.

We are still hopeful to be in before school starts for the boys. Only one life change per week, please.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Children's Museum

While Julia and her kids were in Cape last week, we headed over for a few days of fun. The kids loved swimming, riding on the Ranger, watching fireworks, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and just hanging out. I was pleasantly surprised by the new Children's Museum in downtown Cape. It was well-thought out and the kids had a blast exploring the different activity centers.

By far, the favorite spot was in front of the carnival mirrors. I had to pull my kids away when it was time to go.

I love Andrew's expression in this one. I am seriously considering installing one of these in our house.

However, Miss Lizzie wasn't as sure about the funny reflection.

Do you see what I see?

Meet our new friend- skinny Hal.

Making music with the pipe organ.

Margaret LOVED shopping at the store. She even got to scan her items at the register.

This reminded me of Mark's old Marble Works set.

It was fun. We had a blast. But then it was time to go. (can you tell?)

Inch by inch...

Sometimes I feel like every inch of this house is a struggle. That would be after I spend every spare minute cleaning and mopping a wood sub-floor only to discover that the flooring install is actually scheduled for next Monday, instead of this Monday,when I was told it would happen. What does that mean? Well my friends, let's just say you know where you'll find me again this weekend. And if you get lost along your way to our construction site, just let the aroma of Mr. Clean and my blood, sweat and tears lead you there.
I think these pictures that Andrew snapped last week pretty much say it all. I mean, all I remember is a big blur of sweeping and scrapping and mopping and of course, sweating.