Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Get this Show on the Road!

There are a lot of signs that our house is nearing completion these days. For instance, we have doors

(some are even hung!),

the whirlpool tub is no longer in the middle of my bathroom floor,

and there is finally stone on our fireplace surround.

We are still hopeful to be in before school starts for the boys. Only one life change per week, please.


Case said...

Looks like the house is coming along great! I was thinking about the fact that we are moving away and sad that we won't get to see you guys much (not that we see you that much anyway:) but just thought I'd let you know how GREAT you are and say thanks for being a great example to me and such a good friend! Miah's new team plays SIU-Carbondale this fall and I plan on making the trek so we'll have to get together!

Sarah said...

I know what you mean about not seeing you guys enough. But at least we did see you sometimes, and now you'll be further away. I'm sad about it too.
But please come visit this Fall. When is the date? That would be great.
I so appreciate your friendship too. We still need to go visit Lis together!