Thursday, June 24, 2010

McMullin Family Vacation- 2010

Everyone was able to travel to Kentucky Lake for a few days of relaxation, recreation and reconnecting. We had a lot of fun swimming together and playing on the boat. But most of the pictures I took were of everyone just enjoying each other. It was especially great to see the cousins together, all 11 of them.

Look who's three.

The cousins eyeing her cake.

Happy Birthday to you!

Grandad had t-shirts made for everyone- even the smallest family member.

I think the kids would all list hide-and-seek as a highlight. Here's Grandma helping the seekers count.

Ready or not...

Here we come!

Hurry. Go hide again!

Good, good job hiding. Don't make it too hard for the little guys.

All eleven of the grandkids together and even sitting still. A truly rare sight.

First taste of ice cream.

Another highlight has to be the evening golf cart rides.

No one wanted to be left out.

Mark and Daniella. We were so glad to have you with us, Daniella.

The boys had to get a close look at the bison.

Aunt Tara teaching the little guys to play washers.

A taste of dinnertime chaos.

Cousins and buddies.

Saying goodbye!

While we were out...

We had to stop by the house on our way home from the lake this morning. By then my camera was low on juice, so I only snapped a few pictures. We were happy that the garage doors were installed, the porch finally had siding, the HVAC system was installed, the gutters were almost complete, and our painter was hard at work. That leaves flooring, cabinets, doors and trim to be done. We are still hopeful to be moving mid-July. Cross your fingers for us!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Little Engine That Could.

Progress on the house may seem slow, but at least its steady. One of these days, it will be complete. I know it will. I know it!
Above, the dormer finally received its shingles. Eventually, the cedar posts will be stained to match either the shingles or the cream trim. We are still not sure which. Any suggestions? Please!
Also, the front door will be stained. I promise it won't stay the color of mustard.

The columns really do look nice. I'm maybe leaning toward stain instead of cream.

The fireplace was also installed and built out. It will eventually have stone up to mantle height. And then when Jason's dreams come true, a flat screen tv will go above. I told him his dream will have to last until at least fall, probably Christmas.

Happy Birthday Grammie!

Last week was Jason's grandmother's (who also happens to be our temporary neighbor)birthday. So we took all the kids over to sing and give her cards. We ended up staying just to talk and had a great evening. We love you Gram!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our perfectly white walls...not for long.

Sheetrock was hung this week. I thought you may want to see the new white walls, since they will never be such again. Either paint or handprints (probably both) will cover them very soon.

The front door will be stained to match the future floor, but I already like it.

Looking into the dining room from the living.

The living room.

Also, the HVAC guys finally came to dig wells for the geothermal system.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a Way to Start our Summer.

Last week was just crazy. It began with Play Day and ended with a wedding. Throw in a one day trip to Holiday World, some decorating, and end-of-the-school-year celebrating, and there you have our insane week. I just finished the laundry mountain about 10 minutes ago, and that is why I have time to type this out. We are looking forward to winding up our baseball season soon and are starting swim team practice tomorrow. This will be Andrew's first year (his idea, not mine)so we'll see how it goes. I am just imagining practices with Andrew wanting out of the pool and Margaret begging to get it.

The highlight was of course Kyle and Melissa's temple sealing. We were so honored to be there and to witness and celebrate with them. Here they are, just leaving the temple.

Margaret was in heaven. She thought she looked just like Melissa in her white dress.

Angelic Andrew

Terrific Tanner

Jason and Sarah- 10 years later. Hard to believe that 10 years ago we stood here on our wedding day. I would of course, do it all again. Love you, Jason!