Thursday, June 24, 2010

McMullin Family Vacation- 2010

Everyone was able to travel to Kentucky Lake for a few days of relaxation, recreation and reconnecting. We had a lot of fun swimming together and playing on the boat. But most of the pictures I took were of everyone just enjoying each other. It was especially great to see the cousins together, all 11 of them.

Look who's three.

The cousins eyeing her cake.

Happy Birthday to you!

Grandad had t-shirts made for everyone- even the smallest family member.

I think the kids would all list hide-and-seek as a highlight. Here's Grandma helping the seekers count.

Ready or not...

Here we come!

Hurry. Go hide again!

Good, good job hiding. Don't make it too hard for the little guys.

All eleven of the grandkids together and even sitting still. A truly rare sight.

First taste of ice cream.

Another highlight has to be the evening golf cart rides.

No one wanted to be left out.

Mark and Daniella. We were so glad to have you with us, Daniella.

The boys had to get a close look at the bison.

Aunt Tara teaching the little guys to play washers.

A taste of dinnertime chaos.

Cousins and buddies.

Saying goodbye!

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