Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa's Helpers...

Christmas decorating has been a family affair this year. We are figuring out where our decorations fit in this house and which ones didn't quite survive the multiple moves (like the pre-lit tree). So we happily bought a real Frasier Fir and I accepted all the light-untangling, ornament-unpacking, and tree-wrapping help the kids offered. Now our tree looks something other than perfect. But they loved "helping" and I have sweet memories of doing the same when I was growing up.

Margaret was so involved. Most of the ornaments ended up at her eye-level, and I don't think I'm going to move them. When the tree lights were on she stepped back to take a look and was thrilled.

The kids also helped Jason with the exterior lights. Everyone's favorite part was using the bucket truck to reach the gables. No big surprise there! They did a great, slightly more professional looking job outside.

I remember sitting on the floor as a child and staring at the lights on our Christmas tree and the colors they bounced onto the walls and ceiling. Now I can not wait to catch my own children doing the same.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Report

We had a little party for Andrew's birthday today. Early- I know. But with Thanksgiving next weekend, I thought it would be best to celebrate now.
He requested a weather party. Cute. However, you can not just run to the party shop and pick up weather-themed supplies. We got creative and had a blast with cousins, family and a buddy from school.
We made a thunderstorm (with our hands), had fun with static, played thunder and lightning (just like marco polo), and even borrowed a fog machine and sno-cone maker. It was different and fun.
Andrew had a blast and felt so loved. Thanks everyone.

(I thought we would include some fog in our traditional birthday party mug shots. See how well that worked?! Behind all that smoke were happy kids. I promise!)

Where does sleeping beauty rest her head?

Anywhere she wants.

This killed me. I guess true princesses are royal even when they rest.

Now I know...

I have always wondered what Jason will look like as we age. Now I know...
(It was a great Halloween costume though.)

Autumn Fun

I haven't posted in some time. We have just been so busy with all that autumn brings. Below are pics from our pumpkin patch trip. It was a fun morning full of straw, slides, and a feed bin full of corn kernals. The highlight was definitely the corn cannon. Each of them had a try and LOVED it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Overdressed Mom

Those of you who know me are reading this and assuming I'm writing about someone else. You know that I have never in my life qualified as overdressed. Underdressed-YES. Overdressed-NEVER. Not at least when it come to designer shoes and little black dresses. I just do not spend that much time worrying about my outward appearance.

Perhaps I should think about the image I out forth a little bit more though. Because aside from my jeans and sweaters, there is another image I put forward about myself- each day.

Our faces have no tags and no labels. But what else about us can express so acutely how we feel and what we are thinking about ourselves and others.
I am afraid I too often put on my "Hurry, hurry, hurry" face the moment I jump out of bed and don't take it off when I should. Like when I say "Good Morning" it should be with a geniune "Good Morning" face. Not with a "hurry-up-and-get-dressed-because-we-are-already-late-and-your-little-sister-needs-an-emergency-bath" face.

Perhaps the key is in me slowing down and taking the time to look others in the eye each time we speak. For all I know my kids may think my voice is just a sound echoing down the hall or from behind a pile of folded clothes. I haven't been doing the best job of portraying myself to my family.

But I can start now. I can wipe away all those unneccessary clenched teeth and squinted eyes from my Mom face. I can let my family know that I really do have the best job for me and for us. I can find joy in what I am doing and let my children know that while being a stay-at-home mom is challenging, I am so up for it.