Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa's Helpers...

Christmas decorating has been a family affair this year. We are figuring out where our decorations fit in this house and which ones didn't quite survive the multiple moves (like the pre-lit tree). So we happily bought a real Frasier Fir and I accepted all the light-untangling, ornament-unpacking, and tree-wrapping help the kids offered. Now our tree looks something other than perfect. But they loved "helping" and I have sweet memories of doing the same when I was growing up.

Margaret was so involved. Most of the ornaments ended up at her eye-level, and I don't think I'm going to move them. When the tree lights were on she stepped back to take a look and was thrilled.

The kids also helped Jason with the exterior lights. Everyone's favorite part was using the bucket truck to reach the gables. No big surprise there! They did a great, slightly more professional looking job outside.

I remember sitting on the floor as a child and staring at the lights on our Christmas tree and the colors they bounced onto the walls and ceiling. Now I can not wait to catch my own children doing the same.

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