Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pumpkin Chuckin'

Before today, my favorite way to dispose of old pumpkins was to let them slowly rot on our front porch. When they were no longer recognizable, or when I just got tired of people commenting on their out-of-seasonness, I would scoot them off the porch. That's right-scoot, kick, or shove them right over the edge and into the accumulating leaves below. This method was great. One year when our winter was mild, it even yielded a surprise pumpkin vine the following spring. We let it grow and produce right there on the porch, and were so proud of our pumpkins.

Sad news. Next spring there will be no pumpkins in the front flower bed. Not even the hope of a pumpkin plant survived today's Pumpkin Chuckin'. However we are hoping for some in the woods behind our home. Because Jason must have tired of my method and resorted to his own means of disposal.
Pumpkin Chuckin' is what we called it, and it is just that.

Take your old, but still recognizable, gourds to the nearest woods and toss them.

This must have been fun for Jason and the kids, because they kept retriving them and tossing again.

Of course, once you get pumpkin guts, the fun ends and you have to go back inside.
Which none of us minded because it was FREEZING out there!

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