Monday, December 13, 2010

Homemade for the Holidays

Last year we adopted the tradition of Homemade Sibling Gifts. Each child can design and create a gift for the other two. My kids loved the one-on-one time we spent secretly planning, shopping for and making these simple gifts. We gave painted pillow cases, braclets, hairbows, and snowmen last year.
This year we have some fun projects underway. Margaret and I spent last week painting new bulletin boards for the boys. Tanner is in full sketch mode (I LOVE that HE LOVES to draw!) working on a new pillow case design for Andrew. Andrew and I stole a few minutes to paint this paper mache house for some of Margaret's smaller toys.
He is so into the challenge of keeping it a secret. I am so into everyone's good attitudes regarding making gifts for Christmas.
We still do the traditional Santa gifts and family exchanges. But I think the homemade gifts will be big favorites around here.
(I originally got this idea from Design Mom. She has years worth of wonderful ideas for these kidmade gifts. Worth checking it out!)


~ Lori ~ said...

What a GREAT idea! I love it. I may have to borrow it! I am getting the best ideas from fellow bloggers. Another blogger friend posted their tradition of leaving a box of canned goods for "Santa" and then how Santa takes that and leaves an empty box and a letter asking the kids to put toys in to donate to kids that need them. LOVE that idea too. Trying to make sure the "stuff" doesn't overwhelm, so your idea goes right into it...makes them a part of the process instead of just buying something and saying "This is from your brother"! You're awesome! Thanks.

Sarah said...

Thanks Lori! I love the idea of Santa leaving a toy donation box. Some years we get a little overwhelmed with "stuff" but we are trying to do better.
Your cookie party sounds great and I really want to come. Would we be too rude, if we came late? That way I can still get Andrew to his party?
I meet Michelle last weekend with Drake- she really IS an awesome babysitter. Lucky you!