Friday, August 31, 2012

Life As Usual

Nathan is enjoying his food adventures so far. 
This was him sampling avocado last week, 
and he has since moved on to peaches.

Margaret has been enjoying kindergarten and coming home so tired.

Oh, he looks so big here.
Don't get an inch bigger! 

Guess who loves to walk around snapping pictures with my camera? 
This self-photo cracked me up.

Andrew can earn books 
when he chooses to do his homework 
without complaining before dinner time.
This was his first reward after his first week of
good-attitude homework. I am praying this sticks!

Happy Birthday Jason!! 
(Look at Nathan eyeing that cookie cake!)

Happy Birthday Margaret.
You make a wonderful 5 year old!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

High Chair Days are Here Again.

Look who has moved on up into the highchair!
 While I have once again learned that starting 
a baby on solids is a mess and 
always takes longer than planned, 
Nathan is really enjoying the entire experience. 
No surprise there. 
He has been trying to grab food 
off the dinner table for a few months now.
So far we have only ventured 
as far as rice cereal, mashed banana, 
and mashed avocado. 
He is a fan- of food in general- I think.

Friday, August 24, 2012

10 years apart.

There is over 10 years between Tanner and baby Nathan. In some ways that is such a challenge. Like trying to schedule a summer full of activities around an infant's nap schedule. Impossible. 
In other ways it is so nice. When everyone is home Nathan is so easily entertained by them, and they are old enough to realize they need to be careful around him. He is constantly watching them, giggling at them, yelling out to show off for them. 
I have no toddlers demanding all of my time, so it is not too hard to slip away and snuggle this guy alone every few hours. That has helped me to bond with and truly appreciate his sweet nature.
Plus I have extra knowledge this time around.  All gained by the trial and error experiences of 10 years of parenting on my side. I am a far cry from perfect, but this time around has been so much less stressful for me. 
I feel like our family is in a good place. Not perfect or easy- just to clarify- but good. 
Really, really good.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day!

 First Day of School

 Margaret's long-awaited first day of Kindergarten.

 Andrew, our big second-grader.

Tanner, ready for fifth grade and middle school.

All three of them had a good first day, 
but it took a little work to get these 
smiles before school. 
We were a bunch of nerves with so many firsts.
Me included. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain Dance

We have had a severe lack of rain this summer and extra hot temperatures.
A few days ago when the wind started to blow and clouds began to gather, 
Margaret and I had to go outside and watch. We were hoping for a
good thunderstorm, but even a few drops would have made us
(and my poor thirsty ferns there) happy.
 After waiting and waiting and fearing that the rain was going to 
pass our house by (again), 
Margaret decided to perform a little rain dance. 
Just to improve our odds.
 Sure enough, it worked. 
We were thrilled with the storm it turned out to be. 
You know the kind. Thunder, wind, drizzle, huge drops, downpour-
then back to drizzle again.
It was so welcome.