Friday, August 24, 2012

10 years apart.

There is over 10 years between Tanner and baby Nathan. In some ways that is such a challenge. Like trying to schedule a summer full of activities around an infant's nap schedule. Impossible. 
In other ways it is so nice. When everyone is home Nathan is so easily entertained by them, and they are old enough to realize they need to be careful around him. He is constantly watching them, giggling at them, yelling out to show off for them. 
I have no toddlers demanding all of my time, so it is not too hard to slip away and snuggle this guy alone every few hours. That has helped me to bond with and truly appreciate his sweet nature.
Plus I have extra knowledge this time around.  All gained by the trial and error experiences of 10 years of parenting on my side. I am a far cry from perfect, but this time around has been so much less stressful for me. 
I feel like our family is in a good place. Not perfect or easy- just to clarify- but good. 
Really, really good.

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