Friday, August 31, 2012

Life As Usual

Nathan is enjoying his food adventures so far. 
This was him sampling avocado last week, 
and he has since moved on to peaches.

Margaret has been enjoying kindergarten and coming home so tired.

Oh, he looks so big here.
Don't get an inch bigger! 

Guess who loves to walk around snapping pictures with my camera? 
This self-photo cracked me up.

Andrew can earn books 
when he chooses to do his homework 
without complaining before dinner time.
This was his first reward after his first week of
good-attitude homework. I am praying this sticks!

Happy Birthday Jason!! 
(Look at Nathan eyeing that cookie cake!)

Happy Birthday Margaret.
You make a wonderful 5 year old!!

1 comment:

Case said...

You guys have some good looking kids! Miss you guys!!