Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Report

We had a little party for Andrew's birthday today. Early- I know. But with Thanksgiving next weekend, I thought it would be best to celebrate now.
He requested a weather party. Cute. However, you can not just run to the party shop and pick up weather-themed supplies. We got creative and had a blast with cousins, family and a buddy from school.
We made a thunderstorm (with our hands), had fun with static, played thunder and lightning (just like marco polo), and even borrowed a fog machine and sno-cone maker. It was different and fun.
Andrew had a blast and felt so loved. Thanks everyone.

(I thought we would include some fog in our traditional birthday party mug shots. See how well that worked?! Behind all that smoke were happy kids. I promise!)

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~ Lori ~ said...

Woman, you are SO creative! If my kids asked for a "weather" birthday party I would be on a mission to sway them towards something commercialized that I could pick up at Party City! You're awesome!