Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pages from my Ideabook: Boys' Room.

So this is the standard look for the room that T and A have/do/will share. They love sharing a room (most days) and I have no plans on splitting them up. This look is from Pottery Barn, but is very similar to what we already have. Years ago I purchased plaid twin bedspreads on clearance (at what was then Famous Barr, now Macy's) and we have loved them ever since.

But I think I am willing to do more color on the walls than in the above photo. I may not be Randy Pausch's mother (of The Last Lecture). But I want the boys to feel like they have input on their living space. So I am thinking blue. Like below. I also love this look, from Pottery Barn, because of it's celestial theme. If you know my boys, you know they love all things space. Aren't those hanging planets awesome. Only drawback is I'm not sure A could sleep under Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. He'd be too excited.

Any success stories with colored walls in children's rooms?

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