Saturday, February 27, 2010

Island or Pennisula

Despite its popularity, we decided against stainless steel appliances. We've had them and used them, but for the price and maintenance involved, an upgraded black fit the bill for our family. So I happened upon this look by Kraftmaid. I like the wood against the black. I had even decided on doing our island in black. Do you like this as much as me?

But now I am back to the drawing board. (Just like me to change my mind.) While being extremely useful, would a 4x5 island also be something we'd tire of walking around. Would a pennisula make our room more spacious? I need opinions. Island or pennisula?


Amy Craig said...

Building a home must be so fun and stressful at the same time!!! I say definitely an island. I also love color in the kids rooms. Rachel's room is a light green and we are getting ready to paint Hailey and Alison's room lavender. Beige everywhere can be a little boring :) Can't wait to see the progress! Miss you!

Sarah said...

We miss you all too! Just hearing about your girls' rooms makes me want to see you again. (And the rooms sound great too.) Just plan on being house guest here pretty soon.

Emily said...

Come clean my black furniture before you decide. :) I need to see your floor plan again--seems like the island would have more flow because you can walk around two sides not just one.