Friday, April 25, 2014

Egg Olympics

This year we spent Easter with the Burke family after church. We had a nice meal and then headed outside to enjoy the beautiful Spring day together.
 Nana always plans fun for the grand kids and this year was was no exception.
 There were egg hunts for the younger kids.
 Nathan finally figured out that there was candy inside the eggs, so his motivation to collect them really picked up.
 He honestly had more fun playing with chalk and swinging in the shade though.

 The older kids had a scavenger egg hunt with clues to solve. Here is the boys' team.

Our lovely team of girls!

 The most anticipated game was the egg drop. Everyone selects an unboiled egg and drops it down the chute to hit an opponent's egg. Andrew was one of the first to go.
 Margaret's egg made it through a few rounds before it split.
 Tanner listening to advice from uncles before he dropped his egg.
It was quite a production and a total hit. What a fun afternoon.

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