Friday, October 10, 2014

Nick Names

Jason comes from a long line of nick names. It is definitely a tradition in his family. His Pop never even called him by his given name, instead he was "Jake." When I asked why, no one was quite sure. But I think that is the way it is with a lot of nick names. They just stick.
So this is my effort to record all (or a least most) of the nick names that we have gone through over the years.
Tanner- T (yelled out at every sporting event he has ever participated in),Tan the Man, T Bird, T Burger, T-T (used by little cousins on both sides of the fam), Tan Tan, Super Tan.

Andrew- Buddy-Buddy, Bucky, Buck, Doe (given by Nathan), Mister.

Margaret- Meg, Meggie, Pickles, Pix, Ba (given by Nathan), Pickle Juice

Nathan- Nate, Natia, Natey, CB (Crazy Baby), BB (Baby Brother), Nick.

We are really not sure what our new little guy will be named, but I am positive we will find a way to come up with some creative monikers for him too.

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