Monday, June 18, 2012

Burke Family Photos

Last Sunday, we gathered up the troops for a family picture of the entire Burke Bunch. We got a few good shots with everyone in them. That is no small feat, as you can imagine. But we had a great, breezy afternoon and a gorgeous spot by the lake to work with. The picture below is of Nana and Poppa with the grand kids.  I love that try as we might for the perfect shot, this is what we got.
 Notice the little girls holding hands (posed). The boys holding hands however were not posed. That is just how they are attached. ALL the time. Poor Tatum crying (too many people). Cute Bellah wondering what he was so upset about.Tanner trying to be strong and hold cousin Megan high enough.  And then there is Nathan. True to himself- just chillin'! 

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