Monday, June 4, 2012

Nathan's Blessing

Yesterday Nathan received his baby blessing at church. It was a sweet prayer which Jason gave. Now Nathan is officially on the roles of our church. The prayer also included many special blessings for Nathan and his life. A sweet friend and I both took notes to record the moment.

I should have taken more pictures of this special day for Nathan. We were so lucky to have so much family near enough to us that we had 8 priesthood holders in our family that were able to participate. We really appreciate the effort they all made to be there.

With Poppa and Nana at church.

With Grandad and Grandma at our house after church.

With David and his family.
 (Notice none of these pics has Nathan in his sweet white blessing outfit. He didn't make it five minutes after his blessing without needing a diaper change, which included an outfit change. What is it about white clothes and babies?)

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