Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy-
On behalf of Tanner, we just had to spread the news: Tooth #6 is now available for the taking!! So you are officially invited to our home this very night.
We know you are busy and can not give us an exact time, so we'll just leave the night light on for you. You are always welcome here.
Also, we hesitate to bring up the past, but please know that we bear you no ill will concerning your recent oversight and tooth #5. You were probably just exhausted that night. No doubt you are a mom-fairy as well as a tooth-fairy. Certainly you were consumed elsewhere. Perhaps the fairy P.T.A. or a Book Fair or cutting out 100 fleece blankets kept you up late that night.
Not to worry. We'll pretend that slight slip-up never even happened.
Looking forward to your visit tonight,
The Burke Bunch


Case said...

wow its about time...thanks for thinking that i'm handling things well...i think it's going ok. hopefully tara thinks it is. and i need to get "gg" back to you now that i've finally finished it :(

Amy Craig said...

Hello! Nice to have an update on your blog finally :) We still want to get together! Maybe we will take a little day trip to Carbondale sometime this spring. How are you guys????? Yesterday was Rachel's birthday. I can't believe that our babies are 7. Where does the time go?