Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank You Tanner B

Thank you Tanner, for practicing your piano this morning without any Mom-nags , prods, bribes or threats. I can not tell you how much it meant to me to hear you playing while I was getting ready. On top of that you warmed my heart when I overheard you telling Andrew that you really don't mind piano and even think you are pretty good at it. I do too. Keep up the practice!

(I am thinking of the tunes I heard this morning instead of the fact that I just managed to drop a glass jar of tomato sauce on the garage floor. It shattered, of course, and splattered me and the van and everything within 10 feet with red gore. I am also not going to think about how much fun it was to mop it up. Mopping the concrete garage floor is wrong. But I am going to pray that I reached every tiny little shard of glass the next time I back out.)

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~ Lori ~ said...

That Tanner B is a good kid! I saw him Saturday at the 5K and just had to grin when he gave me that Tanner smile!

Sorry about the pasta sauce. I tend to drop a gallon of milk every now and then...that's a nasty one to clean up too.