Sunday, March 4, 2012

We had been waiting for March to roll around for months. Boy did it come in with a bang. On March 2, during a wind storm, one of those trees that I wrote about saving way back here, fell on our garage. While it punctured a few small holes in the roof, the real damage was inside the attic. Seven trusses where busted and had to be repaired. Thank goodness though that it was on our garage, and not in a finished part of the house. A second tree cracked almost all the way through and swayed above our kitchen, threatening total disaster, until Jason and his Dad had someone from the shop come with a Bobcat to push it safely down away from the house.
As they prepared to move the trampoline out of the tree's path, the wind picked up and the tree started cracking more, so they frantically pushed the tree toward the yard. It of course fell directly on top of the trampoline.
All in all, I am so grateful that more damage was not done. If you look at the picture below, you can see a tree limb behind Margaret that is sticking straight down into the ground. Thank goodness no one was hurt- clean up is something we can handle.

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Case said...

Wow, makes me not miss Missouri as much:) wait, no, i still miss it:) And your knew little guy is adorable! You have a beautiful family!