Friday, May 14, 2010

My Little Friends.

Can you see them? My little friends. I know, they are hard to see, being so well camoflauged in their own p.... Well these are the two surviving chicks from another front-porch-wreath-nest. Sadly we lost three of the birdies when they fell out of the nest. So we now have a little graveyard in the bushes. But these are the tough two that made it, and it was not without some work and encouragement along the way. We moved the wreath on windy days, tried (unsuccessfully)to keep it from tipping over and spilling it's contents, and gave momma bird plenty of noisy warning before popping out our front door.
I was so proud of these two that I wanted to document them before they left the nest, and that is what they did just hours after their photo was snapped. At least that is what I thought they did. When I took down the nest to clean up our splattered entryway, I gingerly held it out for the kiddos to examine. (I'm always trying to be like my Mom.) It was so much denser and deeper than it first appeared, so we all leaned in close for a good view, when out popped one of the little chicks, right into my hand. It literally broke through the crusty bottom of the nest and hopped into our faces. So after all that effort to save the little thing, what did I do? I screamed (it was covered in dried poo and gave me no warning, what did you expect) and dropped it on the concrete.
It was last seen hobbling to the front bushes. We tried hard to be friends, but it just didn't work out. Next year, NO front-porch-wreath-nest for me.

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Case said...

i just realized you asked me about uploading videos and i never really answered - i'm not sure what kind of problems your having though...i just click the video button and choose my video and then it takes a while. I just go do something else while it's loading