Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something to share.

Tonight my computer is frustrating me by not allowing me to upload any photos. I guess I'll just give you a verbal teaser of the photos you all wish you were viewing.

The boys both played in their first baseball games on Saturday. Tanner did well with 4 basehits and 5 R.B.I.'s. Andrew claimed 3 homeruns. One for each time he crossed home plate. Gotta love tee-ball! I'm adjusting to the sport of baseball in general. I still wish I was sitting on a pool deck instead, but it is growing on me. The boys seem to really be enjoying it.

Tanner was in a school talent show last week. He had fun doing a zombie skit with Shannon and Micky. Yes, zombies. And yes, it was planned entirely by said 2nd graders. With all the make-up I saw little girls wearing while singing to inappropriate songs, I was proud of my zombie just being a kid.

We are all anxiously awaiting the end of the school year. I can't wait to have a fun-filled summer full of day trips, vacation, and MOVING!

I was surprised to see that despite threatening skies, the stone went up on our house today. It looks great! I bet you really wish my computer was cooperating don't you? Also, portions of siding are installed as well. How is that for a teaser? Check back soon, and I'll try to deliver.


Amy said...

Oh my heck! The girls and I stopped by the talent show after pre-K and saw about 4 acts (we missed Tanner and Shannon tho). I was also appalled by what was being 'performed' by kids age 10 and under.

On a more positive note: congrats on the house progress and congrats to Abe and Emily on the newest Funk! I have to leave that comment here since she doesn't allow comments on her blog.

Sarah said...

Amy- Hannah is totally cute and didn't even look like a newborn to me. (I really wish Emily would allow comments, too. Hint, hint.)

Mark- glad to know you are a faithful blog follower. Pictures coming asap.