Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coming Clean.

Today was a jam-packed day. You know the kind. There were so many things on the calendar for April 24, it kind of leaked over onto tomorrow. That was before the rain, though. Thanks to the hourly deluge we received, every single activity we had scheduled, like baseball practice and Scout-a-rama and the district Pinewood Derby and the Irish Festival, was cancelled. So what do you do with a suddenly sparse schedule on a Saturday?
You clean like never before. At least that's what I told the kiddos.

This is Tanner doing his best to earn $1 per room. That may seem generous (and I don't usually pay for cleaning) until you see what was coming out of these rooms.

He earned every cent. We did have to recount the number of rooms though, when he told me I owed him $20.

Margaret is our enthusiastic cleaner. She loves to help out and be a part of whatever project we are working on. She pitched in some elbow grease today to help us get the job done.

And Andrew helped by, um, what DID he do? I can't remember. But doesn't he look great trying out our new furniture? We are going for the industrial look.

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Melissa said...

Andrew and I seem to be one in the same when there is work to be done! The house is looking great, and i think you are brave to make the house how you want it. Risks and all. Most people are too afraid to venture out of the norm.