Monday, April 12, 2010

Well...Come on in!

Miss Meg is now offering tours of her new room. Anyone interested should come on over.

This is what Andrew thinks of the new backyard. I agree. We are excited about the big, flat space. Its ready for a soccer goal.

Tanner got a kick out of inspecting the work that was done this past week:

The roof decking was put on. This next week they will build the center dormer above the porch.

The black paper that goes under shingles (what is it called) was begun.

Also, Jason started his new weekend job of wiring the house. So now the bedrooms are ready for fixtures...

and switches.

With the roof on a lot of work can proceed; plumbing, wiring, installing windows. I can't wait for the prairie windows. We ordered our windows in bronze and are triming them out in off white. I think they are going to look so great. I'll let you see soon...

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