Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Warning: New Home in Progress

There are certain challenges to assisting the general contrator on your own home. We have a great general, who builds quality homes and is patiently helpful to us. We know this because he built our first home and it was lovely. His patience is tried and true. I bring at least one child, often more, to each of our many meetings. He and his wife are so kind. They now have Margaret hugging them and asking if she can go visit them. I mean she actually wants to tag along to our debates over facia color and roof pitches.
So our general aside, there is a lot of busy work that keeps me hopping. I was warned before we ever started. "This will strain your marriage." "Building is a headache." "Let someone else do the work." But Jason and I have been through worse, and I couldn't resist the chance to save money by being involved in this whole building process. So, I manage affairs with our bank, prepare lein waivers, and basically drive all over the countryside seeking out the best deals I can. We are busier then ever, but I'm enjoying learning about all the different products we are putting into our future home.
There are some things I was never warned about though. So I thought I would warn the rest of you.
1. You do not have to check every single dealer of a certain product. Price compare at 3 different dealers and call it quits. The result of not following this warning is bald tires and an empty gas tank.
2. Of course, check products on line- But ask for a sample before you order anything major. Those 2 inches of moss green on your computer screen, may become 200 linear feet of puke green in person.
3. Ignore at least half of the voices in your head. If you are like me you are imagining critiques from your friends and family every time you go to select a product. I have to tell myself, "This is my home, not a show place." It should look good and suit MY taste and preferences. So even though granite countertops and stainless steal are so cool, I can be just as happy with other finishes.
4. You don't have to tell every person you meet about your project. Blog about it instead.
5. Anyway, one look at the stone veneer samples falling out of your minivan which is crammed with carpet squares, paint chips, idea books and at least 19 empty juice boxes from driving 54 miles to find just the right garage doors, and they'll already know.
Consider your self warned.

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