Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Joys of Lego-Digging.

In this house, we love legos. We love the creative souls who design them. (Andrew is now telling people he wants to build legos when he grows up:) Love that it is impossible to destroy those little bricks. Love the creativity and imagination they help foster.

However, I don't love the sound my vacuum makes when it finds them under someone's bed. Or the sound I make when my bare feet find those sharp edges in the dark. But that is another post...

I am not the kind of mom who glues lego sets together so they will never come apart. I sort of relish the idea of my boys building, breaking, and recreating. Which they do, all the time.

As a result, we have a red lego box which has collected many forgotten and neglected lego pieces over the past seven years. It holds the poor lost pieces, until they are dug out and recovered, for use in new projects.

Every so often I am recruited to help excavate specific pieces from the box's dark depths. Last night it was Andrew who needed help, finding a microscopic lego scuba tank. Let's see, recovering a dark gray scuba tank, about the size of my pinkie's fingernail. It was not easy.

But I did find some interesting items in my search. Like the eye piece to our telescope, someone's CTR ring, the missing button from the boys' navy curtains, and one small black rubber spider (which I suspect was put in there just for my benefit).

The joys of lego-digging aside, I am often surprised by what Tanner and Andrew manage to create. I especially get a kick out of the rearranged lego men I find.
The expression on this guy says it all. Wouldn't you be worried too if you had no hands and a tusk growing out of your head.

And this beauty is the latest of Tanner's creations. I really am impressed by it.
Especially considering he managed to create a symmetrical plane out of the leftover pieces from old projects.

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~ Lori ~ said...

That's impressive Tanner! Dunno what's the deal but Drake has been on a major Lego kick of late as, rebuild, repeat! Have fun!