Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Unexpected Winter Break

Our children attend a very special, very small little school. It includes K-8 classrooms and still tallies less than 300 students. We love our new school. This is our first year here and we have been welcomed so warmly. Really. I have no doubt that the staff and teachers know and geniunely care about my kids and our family. What a breath of fresh air this experience has been.

But last weekend our dear little school experienced a major problem. A teacher stopped in on Saturday afternoon and discovered a major water leak. A wing of the building had 5 inches of water standing before the source was discovered and stopped.

Despite great efforts to remedy the resulting damage we missed an entire week of school. Sad. Especially on top of the surplus of snow days we've experienced this year. I believe pushing vacation plans back until July may be in order. Seriously.

But we made the most out of the occasion and had a fun week. We had daily excursions and then waited each afternoon for the phone call that would tell us whether or not school was in session the next morning. It was Wednesday before the rest of the week was cancelled, and my kids were truly sad. Doesn't that speak volumes? They were concerned for their classrooms, computers, books and teachers. They care about their school just as much as their school has proven to care about them.

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