Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of School Festivities

Margaret climbing the rock wall.

She had a blast during her class field trip.

Just swinging away with her good friends.

Andrew's Reading Medal.

With his great teacher.

Our proud graduate.

Tanner's fun-loving class.

We were all glad to be wrapping up our school year.

Oh My!! That last week of school was a whirlwind! Actually the last three weeks of school were chalk full of assemblies, parties, gifts, water day, field trips for each class, readers' theatre and a graduation ceremony to boot. It left my head spinning, which only added to my anticipation of family time this summer. I think that I have been more excited about this summer than any in the past. I've been planning some major changes in our summer routine and I can not wait to see how things turn out. (More about that later.)
After all, this year was a big change for all of us. We moved into our new home last August and the kids all attended a new school this year. Tanner has really enjoyed his year as a 3rd grader in his multi-age classroom. Andrew moved into the ranks of an "all-dayer" at school and has had a wonderful Kindergarten year. Margaret also spread her wings and attended half-day Pre-K. That means I had two full hours each day to myself. Which I thought I would spend organizing our home and finally getting some "Me" time. But I actually filled with making copies, teaching reading and fundraising at school. I am just not really cracked up for a bunch of "Me" time. I would much rather be helping out at school, where my children are. That's where my heart is.


~ Lori ~ said...

I know what you mean, Sarah! I always think I'm going to use that time for things at home and yet I end up spending the time on other stuff...oh well....one day I'll tackle the stuff here at home!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the blog love Lori! Is your summer off to a good start? I hope so!