Sunday, June 12, 2011

Work Kids Work!

We had fun this past Memorial Day. We really did, even though you may not know it when you see these pics. It seems every picture I took was of the kids working away.
Something about seeing them try to do their best just makes me so happy.

Jason and I really want to teach our kids the importance of working hard, but I have to admit that I am a softie. Usually it is easier for me to just do the chores myself than to wrestle with the kids. But I know it is SO important for them to learn the value of work while they are young. So wrestle I do. And work they do- even if it is sometimes less than eagerly. That is why seeing them work away (and not complain) makes me so happy!

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~ Lori ~ said...

I always marvel at how much complaining they do about CLEANING the van, and does not deter them from messing it up right away. Ha ha...some good, hard work is good for 'em!