Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun by all, was had.

My recent appendectomy threw us for a spin, and caused the cancellation of Tanner's birthday party. That is NEVER good. But we rescheduled and most of his buddies were still able to attend. Tanner had a blast and felt loved, which is the most important part.

The party was Star Wars themed. We made light sabers out of rigid water pipe and foam pipe insulation sleeves. Then the Jedi's in training used their weapons to balance bombs and kept them from detonating on the ground.

The trainees also collected asteroids that had fallen in the basement. Inside each rock were party favors.

Then they had to use their new skills to destroy the death star that had landed on our back patio. Water bombs did the trick.

The trainees played pass the meteor.

My personal favorite was the ship designing course they had to pass. Each young Jedi created a model space craft to take home with them. They really concentrated on this task.

Tanner and some of his Jedi buddies. Thanks for the fun evening and great memories!

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