Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Settling In

We have been in our new home for three weeks now and are still rearranging and tweaking things. I'll probably be doing that for some time to come, but it is SO GOOD to be here. The kids have started school and we are settling into our fall routine. It is not a busy one. After our summer of ball and swimming and building and a million other things that kept us apart, we decided against soccer this fall. Instead I'm hoping for lots of family time at home, not in the car or rushing to be somewhere on time.
I have promised to share pictures of our home as a finished product and will do that soon. But in the mean time, here are some things we are doing to make this house our home.

When our driveway was poured last week, the kids couldn't resist leaving their mark on things.

Grandad reading Angelina Ballerina to our our own little prima donna.

The front of the house with stained beams. We are still waiting on our painter to finish the front door.

Jason trying to finish up on the porch. We laugh because moving in has not meant an end to our house projects, just another stage of them. This weekend our focus is seeding the yard. We'll keep you posted!

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