Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Weekend

I am anticipating the fun of this weekend. We have a few work projects in mind (I think we have an endless supply of those actually), several recipes to test (I am drooling over this), and something wonderful to watch (I can not wait for this).

What about you? Wouldn't this be the perfect weekend for a drive through the orchards? Did you know there is a huge community yard sale in Cobden that includes a breakfast buffet? Doesn't that sound fun. Plus my favorite tamale dive, Taqueria Pequena, is located there too.

Whatever you do, do it together and make it fun!

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~ Lori ~ said...

We took our 2 kids and 4 kids from the neighborhood to Bandy' much fun! They played, chose 6 "perfect" pumpkins, and even completed the corn maze. We left with 6 dirty, dusty, exhausted, laughing kids! This weekend will be a fun-filled one also...Homecoming weekend at SIU!