Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giant City

We live so close to several state parks and a few small but gorgeous lakes. 
I always feel like we should get out and visit them more than we do. 
So we have gone more this year than ever before. 
We like to hike and can handle short trails just fine. 
We set out this week to escape the four walls of our home and have a little adventure.
 It turned out to be mid-day and blazing hot by the time we actually made it out. 
But the kids were troopers and had fun 
exploring a trail we had never gone on before.

 These are the sandstone formations that were all around us.
 They have eroded over the years to form endless cliffs and caves to explore.
 Tanner had to save the day by holding this cliff up for us while we walked under it. :)
 And so Margaret and Andrew got in on the hero action too.
 Isn't it convenient that I have such strong kids. 
I mean with all these dangerous cliffs and falling trees around, I
 could be in real trouble without them.
Even Nathan went along for the hike. 
This was at the end of the trail, and we were soaked. 
That baby carrier was covered in sweat- poor baby.  
Or from the look of things, maybe it was just drool.

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