Friday, July 6, 2012

The Fourth of July!

We spent the Fourth in Cape with my family.
My brother Mark and his wife Daniela organized a 5K run for all of us. It was super cute (and HOT) with balloons and an official starting line. We lined up and even tagged on name and number sheets.
 And they're off. The boy cousins took the competition seriously. Tanner ran with his uncles and did a good job keeping up too. The rest of the boys rode their bikes for the race. With such high stakes (Andy's custard was the prize) there was a little tension in the air. Head starts were witnessed, bike chains came off, dads had to finish the race with toddlers in tow. All in all though it was a blast. What a great new tradition!! 

 After cooling off in the pool, we spent the evening watching fireworks. The kids lined up for turns helping David put on a show. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of times like these. Family and friends relaxing together. Watching fireworks in the backyard.
 And just like I was when I was little, my kids were in awe of the sounds, colors, and even the smoke.    It is more than a little magical to get to share all of that with each other. 
It makes me grateful more than ever for the country we live in, with our freedoms and liberties. We are blessed and may we use our blessings to reach out and help others.

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