Friday, July 27, 2012

Swim TIme

 Before we headed out the door for Oregon
we spent one more day at Nana's pool
with our Burke cousins.
Margaret decided to be brave enough to float in the deep end. 
She also started jumping off the diving board
into my arms. Then we would kick together
to the ladder. How many times have I done that
with my kids over the years. 
1-2-3, JUMP! Kick! Kick! Kick!

 Andrew going up the ladder to the slide. 
He is in the daredevil stage of things. 
Going down the slide is no longer enough. Oh no.
It now must include a trick. Like going backwards, 
on a float, while shooting a water gun.

 Tanner the fish. He still loves swimming.
 Even after hours of team practice, 
he is all for spending the day at another pool.

Especially when it means swimming with these fun kids.

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