Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Tanner

He keeps growing!
 This past year has been full of so many wonderful things and accomplishments for Tanner:
-A great big brother (now to 4) and example in our family.
-An example to his Burke and McMullin cousins, all 24 of them.
-Advanced in Boys Scouts to the rank of Life.
-Actively involved in ALL young men activities at church (it helps that his Dad is the President).
-A diligent Deacon class president at church.
-Is learning his second instrument; saxophone.
-Inducted into Beta Club and competed at State convention.
-Won honors for Calisthenics for the Mind.
-Competed in Scholar Bowl, his team placed 2nd in the region.
-Science Fair Project won at school level, regional level and earned Gold at State.
-High Honors recipient at school.
-Continues to master his fear of public speaking.
-Held large role in school Drama production, "Unplugged".
-Loves to play soccer, swim, run, exercise, baseball and football with cousins.
-He truly wants to do what is right!
If his first year of being a teenager is an indicator of things to come, we will take it!

On way to school with his traditional doughnuts for his homeroom class.

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