Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I can not even imagine having this blog up to date. That is too much of a job to comprehend right now. However, I recently read over some old posts and am hugely grateful that they exist. The small details that they capture are moments from our family's history preserved. How quickly time erases fleeting habits, schedules, nicknames. Even trials and challenges are somehow gone from my mind with the passing of days. And because I fully realize that my full, busy, chaotic days will at some point be just memories, I have to try.
 Some for the next bit, I am just going to try.
Not everything can be captured on camera, because my hands are full of a sweet baby boy and his quicker than lightening big brother. These hands are busy driving and cooking and helping and holding. Photos will not be edited. Descriptions will be short.
But they will exist!!
I have to try!

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