Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just an ordinary day.

Gabriel eating some sweet potatoes straight from Grandma's garden. Yum!

We have settled into a fairly smooth schedule for this fall.  Our older three are of course at school most of the day, and at least for now we have limited after school activities. Which leaves me with a little breathing room (hence the attempt to post on here:) and some one-on-one time with my two little boys. Nathan is in Pre-K and loves the idea of finally going to school with the big kids.  This has been a big adjustment for him, but one that we were both ready for. His class is a little under 3 hours long each morning. When he comes home he is full of reports about the playground, songs, and the other kids. 
As a result of all his big siblings attending school, Gabriel has a routine nap schedule and I am sane again. Summers are wonderful for spending time together, but not so great for infant nap schedules.  This fall has been a welcomed relief. 

Nathan still loves to help wash dishes.

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